PRINCE2 Agile® Project Management - Practitioner Package with Exam

PRINCE2 Agile® Project Management - Practitioner Package with Exam
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This PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner package contains all the study materials you need to prepare for and take the official examination to become certified as a PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner. It’s a comprehensive look at how to apply a best of both worlds approach to project management, with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2® and the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile.

How Will This Benefit Me?

If you’re a PRINCE2® certified project manager this course will place you at the forefront of practitioners achieving the new PRINCE2 Agile® qualification, improving career prospects and demonstrating your ability to apply best practice approaches to managing any and every kind of project. Organisations looking to invest in training in the latest project management delivery tools will also find the PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner course a wise investment.

What’s Involved?

PRINCE2 Agile® is an extension module for those already qualified in and practising PRINCE2®. Working through the six modules and interactive lessons, students will gain a complete understanding of how to apply Agile approaches to the world’s most recognised project management framework. Online study offers a flexible solution for busy students, giving the option to work at your own pace and convenience. There’s no need to attend classroom lessons and students can complete the 25-30 hours of study around their other commitments.


Work through six learning modules to gain full proficiency in PRINCE2 Agile® at Practitioner level.

  • In Introduction to PRINCE2 Agile®, look at the basics of Agile, common Agile approaches and configuring PRINCE2® with Agile.
  • Continue to learn about core concepts of Lean StartUp, the use of Hexagon – Fit and Flex, and the five targets that underpin the use of the hexagon.
  • Complete the introductory module with a study of the five PRINCE2 Agile® behaviours and the rationale for blending PRINCE2® and Agile.
  • In Processes – DP, SU & IP, look at tailoring principles and themes, the agilometer, directing a project, benefits and defining value, and Cynefin.
  • Continue to study how requirement prioritisation is used and look at user stories.
  • Complete this module looking at rich communication, starting up a project and initiating a project, and Agile contracts.
  • In Themes and PRINCE2 Agile®, study servant leadership and adjusting typical Agile and PRINCE2® roles.
  • Gain an understanding of single and multiple team structures, working agreements and Agile estimation techniques.
  • Study the PRINCE2 Agile® guidance for quality theme, the business case theme, the plans theme, the progress theme, the change theme, and the risk theme.
  • In Processes – SB, CS & MP, look at managing a stage boundary from an Agile perspective, controlling a stage from a PRINCE2 Agile® perspective, and managing product delivery from a PRINCE2 Agile® perspective.
  • Take a closer look at retrospectives.
  • Look at Kanban and SCRUM in detail.
  • In CP & Summarising PRINCE2 Agile®, look at closing a PRINCE2 Agile® project, the PRINCE2 Agile® Health Check and transitioning to Agile.
  • Study the fundamental values and principles of Agile and advice for the project manager using Agile.
  • Complete the course with a module on exam preparation, including the PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner exam format and structure, structured approach guidance, and the style of questions in the Practitioner exam.


  • Course is accredited for Practitioner level study and qualification.
  • Take the PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner exam to achieve certified Practitioner status – a globally recognised qualification.
  • Please note that the PRINCE2 Agile® handbook is required (payable).
  • Includes notes to support each lesson and references to the PRINCE2 Agile® handbook.
  • Includes a license to use PRINCE2 Agile® Passport for a period of six months from the date of purchase.
  • E-learning exams are valid for six months from the date of the initial purchase.
  • Option to extend the license at additional cost.
  • Project managers can put themselves at the forefront of new and exciting management methodology.
  • 60% of UK practitioners have some exposure to Agile, so make sure your skillset is relevant.
  • Organisations can benefit from training staff in this best of both worlds project management solution.
  • Enjoy flexible study when and where it’s most convenient.
  • Fit this 25-30 hour comprehensive course around your current job and commitments.
  • Interactive tasks, exercises and games will consolidate learning in an engaging way.
  • Tests are directly aligned to the PRINCE2 Agile® syllabus.

To take the Prince2Agile Practitioner exam you must have completed one of the mandatory courses listed below.

  • PRINCE2® Foundation (or higher)
  • Project Management Professional® (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM)
  • IPMA Levels A, B, C and D® (Certified Projects Director).


You can choose to take the included exam either online or at a certified exam centre. The online option is especially useful for those who don’t have access to an exam centre – all you need is a webcam and microphone. Simply arrange to sit your exam when you feel ready (candidates need to give three weeks notice and exams are valid for six months from the date of the initial course purchase).

  • Package includes the PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner exam required to achieve certified registered Practitioner status - a globally recognised qualification.
  • Practitioner exams are valid for six months from the date of the initial purchase.
  • A fast track to the latest management methodology for Project Managers.
  • Busy professionals can enjoy flexible study when and where it’s most convenient.
  • Easily fit this 25-30 hour course and exam study around your current job and commitments.
  • Benefit from accredited trainer support if needed.
  • Complete PRINCE2® Practitioner exam simulations with helpful feedback.
  • Benefit from a progress reporting facility, online support forums and online chat.
  • Technical support available if required.

Extend your PRINCE2® qualification with this exciting course in PRINCE2 Agile®.

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